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This unit requires some of your natural hair to be left out for the parting area for blending. It is also known as the "Half-wig".


How to install: U-Part units lay very flat on your scalp and can be installed with clips, combs, or even bobby pins! Some also sew the unit down to an anchor braid around the perimeter for variation in styling options.


Blending: Because some of your hair needs to be left out, blending is important. Choose a texture that is similar to yours and will blend with your desired styling option for best results.



This is the typical "full wig". This unit type requires little to no leave out of your natural hair and is a full protective style.


How to install: "Throw on and go!" Install is simple, and your hair can be braided underneath, or flattened with a wig cap. They are snug fit and do not require clips or combs. They can also be sewn down (by a professional).


Closure type: There is a silk base closure and lace closure option. Both are fantastic and immitate the appearance of natural scalp. They can be parted anywhere and the part can be adusted easily. The lace closure is best for beginners and those new to wigs.



The Full Lace Wig is equivalent to your frontal and has lace from ear to ear, and wefts. It is 'Glueless' and does not require adhesive, but can be geled down if prefered.


How to install: This Lucke frontal unit has a custom hairline for a natural look. It does not need to be glued down and has clips and elastic band for securit. These units are high maintenance as frontal units are definitely a "lifestyle". Due to their delicate nature, Frontal pieces are prone to shedding and may need to be replaced after a period of months and need to be cared for properly.

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